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Past Event

Bringing driverless cars from research to international markets

Past Event

Bringing driverless cars from research to international markets

With more than 85 million vehicles sold annually, auto manufacturers and software designers are working with international partners to prepare markets for the first wave of driverless vehicles.  Whether they are working at universities or for large manufacturers, engineers and entrepreneurs will rely on a mixture of fundamental research and regulatory coordination provided by governments and the private sector.

On May 8, the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings and the U.S. Department of State convened industry experts and research scientists to discuss how the United States and Germany, two of the world’s leading markets for advanced automobiles, are leveraging research and development to promote innovation and inform regulation of driverless cars. Panelists also explored the balance between competition and cooperation when transforming the global technological landscape for next generation automobiles.



Panel discussion


Sonya Smith

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Department Chair - Howard University


Karl-Josef Kuhn

Head of Reliable Automation and Control Siemens Corporate Technology, New Technology Fields - Siemens AG


Jessica Altschul

Manager, Outreach & Innovation Policy - Daimler North America Corp.

Introductory remarks

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