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Competency-Based Curriculum

Think of the Master of Science in Leadership (MSL) curriculum as a springboard to the Senior Executive Service or a senior-level position at your agency. Courses focus on the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s Executive Core Qualifications, a solid framework for your career advancement. Class content incorporates research from Brookings Institution scholars and faculty from Washington University in St. Louis’ Olin Business School. Models and methods are designed to be immediately applicable to your agency challenges. The goal is to make you a results-driven leader. Brookings Executive Education continues to fine-tune its award-winning MSL curriculum. Policy courses were added to the curriculum in 2018. Designed to shift your worldview, they provide an overview of the challenges and opportunities presented by global regions. Policy courses also provide insider perspectives on the legislative and executive branches of government and the mechanics of policymaking and implementation. In short, these courses help you navigate the political landscape for the benefit of your organization. Brookings Executive Education is adding Cutting-Edge Competencies, a new category of courses, to the MSL curriculum. Cutting-Edge Competencies integrate new management research from Washington University’s Olin Business School. The classes focus on data analytics, operational excellence, organizational agility and leadership foresight — proficiencies not captured in U.S. Office of Personnel Management qualifications.

 “MSL students have the opportunity to learn from highly regarded professors and policy experts as well as highly driven peers from all areas of government.” – Lamar Pierce, academic director, Master of Science in Leadership program, Brookings Executive Education

The Master of Science in Leadership Degree Requirements:

30 credits hours must be completed within seven years of enrollment with:

Select your remaining credit hours from 36 mostly one-credit-hour courses conducted at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. Eighteen of these courses are required and are asterisked on the Course Guide Chart. For additional information on MSL curriculum, please contact Specialty Program Manager Morgan Kaminski at 202-797-4396 or

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