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What is strategic thinking, and how does it differ from other types of thinking? What decisions should be considered strategic, and how should they be formulated? This program, one of the pillars of Leading Thinking® will teach you a methodology for thinking strategically to identify your objectives and priorities and develop an agenda for long-term success.

You will learn how to analyze assumptions, information, and frameworks to formulate strategic options for a positive outcome. Most importantly, you will practice your strategic thinking with an eye toward real-world implementation.

The program establishes a framework for strategic thinking and provides you with an opportunity to practice new strategies not only with respect to various case scenarios, but also with respect to your own agency. By the end of the two-day program, participants will possess fundamental tools and frameworks and will practice using them so they can be applied immediately in their workplaces.

This course is part of the Executive Pathways series and is required for the Master of Science in Leadership.

“Very helpful in that it pointed out that there are situations that (on the surface) may appear to be mundane/standard but in fact may have strategic importance. That was eye opening for me!
And not what I expected.” – BEE Course Participant

OPM Competency

  • Strategic thinking

Program Benefits:

  • Think strategically using a comprehensive framework to find, frame, and formulate challenges
  • Identify and overcome common pitfalls in strategic thinking
  • Learn how to apply strategic thinking to your own organization
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