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Jumping to a solution before you define the right problem wastes time and resources and impedes your agency’s results. Olin Business School — part of Washington University in St. Louis — adapted its award-winning critical-thinking content to the government workplace. Master the components of critical thinking. Diagnose challenges correctly. And drive positive outcomes for the American people.

“Participants learn how to navigate problem solving, using a model that encourages them to pause and reflect on situations from multiple perspectives. The knowledge participants acquire discourages them from jumping to solutions and solving the wrong problems.”  – Jackson Nickerson, Frahm Family Professor of Organization & Strategy, Olin Business School

OPM Competency: Problem Solving

Program Benefits:

  • Discover how to comprehensively find, frame and formulate problems
  • Understand how to recognize biases and how they undermine decision making
  • Verify that you are solving the right problem
  • Develop explicit, structured-thinking processes
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