Reinventing the Newspaper

Frank Denton, Howard Kurtz
Release Date: May 1, 1993

In the ever-present changing world of communications and technology, the morning newspaper is becoming replaced by the advent of the internet boom, as well as advances in other media technologies, such as cable television news stations. What is happening, as the authors paint an illustrious picture, is that the “newspaper reader” is no longer waking at the crack of dawn to fetch their paper, but rather switching on morning news programs for hardcore television reporting.

While working in this environment, Frank Denton and Howard Kurtz, understand what is at stake for the future of the traditional newspaper and print media. As the fragmentation of audiences choose new and more exciting avenues for breaking news, Denton and Kurtz offer their thoughts and perspectives on where the newspaper and print media industry might be headed in, Reinventing the Newspaper.