India Policy Forum 2006-07

Volume 3

Suman Bery, Barry P. Bosworth, Arvind Panagariya
Release Date: October 1, 2007

India Policy Forum is an annual publication which is jointly promoted by the National Council for Applied Economic Research, New Delhi and the Brookings Institution in Washington D.C., with the objective of presenting high-quality empirical research on the major economic policy issues that confront contemporary India. The papers cover a diverse set of macro and microeconomic topics of relevance to policymakers.

The prime objective of this volume is to make the policy discussion accessible to a broad non-specialist audience within India and abroad. This publication is also expected to assist in the development of a global network of scholars interested in India’s economic transformation.

Topics covered in Volume 3, the 2006-2007 edition, include:

    • Sources of Growth in the Indian Economy
    • Trade Liberalization, Labor-Market Institutions, and Poverty Reduction
    • Teacher Compensation in India
    • Effects of Economic Growth on Fertility Rates
    • Environmental Degradation in the mid-Himalayas


Book Event:  2007 India Policy Forum Release, September 10, 2007