Barry P. Bosworth

Nonresident Senior Fellow – Economic Studies

Barry Bosworth is a nonresident senior fellow in the Economic Studies program at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. His research has involved work on the determinants of economic growth in developing countries, saving, capital formation, and productivity growth.

Mr. Bosworth has been a senior fellow since 1979 and served as a research associate from 1971-77. He was director of the President’s Council on Wage and Price Stability in 1977-79; visiting lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley, 1974-75; and assistant professor, Harvard University, 1969-71. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 1969 and is a member of the Advisory Committee of the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Some recent publications include: The Decline in Saving: a Threat to America’s Prosperity? (2012), The Economy of Puerto Rico: Restoring Growth, with Susan Collins and Miguel A. Soto-Class (2006); Services Productivity in the United States New Sources of Economic Growth, with Jack Triplett (2004); and “Accounting for Growth: Comparing China and India,” (with Susan Collins) Journal of Economic Perspectives, vol. 22, no. 1 (2008).

  • Areas of Expertise

    • Fiscal/monetary policy
    • international economics
    • productivity
    • saving and capital formation
    • Social Security               
  • Past Positions

    • Director, Council on Wage and Price Stability (1977-79)
    • Assistant Professor, Harvard University
    • Staff Economist, President's Council of Economic Advisers (1968-69)
  • Education

    • Ph.D. (1969), B.A. (1964) University of Michigan                       
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