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Key Indicators of the Labour Market

By International Labor Office

This wide-ranging reference tool meets the demand for timely, accurate, and accessible information on the rapidly changing world of work. Now in its fifth edition, the Key Indicators of the Labour Market (KILM) offers instant and uncomplicated access to data on the world’s labor markets.

Harvesting vast information from international repositories and regional and national statistical sources, the book provides data for over 200 countries, going back to 1980. The interactive software offers instant access to current statistical information on employment, unemployment, underemployment, educational attainment of the workforce, wages and compensation, productivity and labor costs, employment elasticities, and poverty. The KILM includes all the basic statistics used to calculate 20 key labor market indicators, allowing researchers to compare and contrast between economies and within regions across time. Includes interactive CD-ROM (trilingual English/French/Spanish)

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