Forced Labour and Human Trafficking

Casebook of Court Decisions<br>A Training Manual for Judges, Prosecutors, and Legal Practitioners

International Labor Office
Release Date: December 29, 2009

Forced labor and human trafficking have evolved into numerous and often subtle forms of abuse and exploitation, posing a challenge for law enforcement.
This casebook covers a range of national experience, from judicial decisions on forced and bonded labor in developing countries to more recent decisions on forced labor and trafficking in industrialized countries. It seeks to illustrate how national court decisions have taken into account the provisions of the ILO’s own Conventions on Forced Labor and how this may provide guidance for future court decisions. By increasing familiarization with—and awareness of—jurisprudence on forced labor, judicial practitioners would be able to cultivate a cross-fertilization of experience and dialogue, both within and between domestic and international courts.
This casebook is a part of the ILO’s Special Action Program to Combat Forced Labor. It is aimed at judges, prosecutors, and other legal practitioners to provide guidance in adjudicating cases, drafting legislation, investigating allegations, and bringing charges in courts or labor tribunals.