WATCH: Generating new evidence to scale quality education interventions

Children sit in a classroom before Prince Harry arrives for a tour of Holy Trinity Primary school during his official visit to Codrington, Barbuda, November 22,  2016.   REUTERS/Carlo Allegri - S1AEUOJGFBAA

How do evidence-based education interventions sustainably scale, so that they reach more children and young people? And what is needed to support decisionmakers as they adapt and scale these interventions? While there is growing evidence around which educational strategies improve children’s learning, we know much less about how to translate this knowledge into policies and practices at large-scale. The Millions Learning project seeks answers to these questions by creating a stronger link between research and practice.

In this video, we introduce the Millions Learning Real-time Scaling Lab, an applied research project that aims to generate more evidence and provide practical recommendations to scale quality education interventions. In several countries around the world, the Center for Universal Education is partnering with government and local institutions to co-design and implement Real-time Scaling Labs to learn from, document, and support evidence-based interventions as they scale. Over the course of multiple years, the labs will regularly convene diverse stakeholders to develop or refine scaling plans, experiment with actions to address challenges and opportunities, and use real-time data to assess progress and make necessary adjustments. We will share key insights and findings across the Real-time Scaling Labs and with the broader international education community.

To learn more about Millions Learning, please visit our interactive report, case studies, blog series, and project webpage.