WATCH: Deema Bibi discusses how INJAZ partners with the private sector to help bridge the skills gap for Jordanian youth

As part of our Millions Learning video series, we learn about INJAZ, one of the 14 case studies explored in the Millions Learning report. INJAZ, an independent Jordanian nonprofit, provides youth from grade 7 to university level with workforce readiness and entrepreneurial education to prepare them for changes in the labor market. Since its inception, the INJAZ curriculum has been delivered through a network of 28,000 trained volunteers across Jordan, reaching 1.2 million youth to date.

In this video, Deema Bibi, CEO of INJAZ, discusses how partnering with the private sector has contributed to INJAZ’s expansion in Jordan, allowing it to shift from an extracurricular activity to part of the official secondary school schedule. Bibi then shares INJAZ’s experience of scaling across all 12 Jordanian governorates, as well as the specific factors that have contributed to the program’s overall success.

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