Our Dysfunctional Politics and the Road to 2016

“The Republican Party has become like a parliamentary party, vehemently oppositional and opposed to anything that the other party would do,” says Thomas Mann in this podcast in which he shares his expertise and insight on political dysfunction in America, on the roots of today’s divisive partisanship, on ideas for solutions, and on the 2016 presidential contest. Mann, a senior fellow in Governance Studies and the W. Averell Harriman Chair in American Governance, also reflects on his 45 years studying and engaging with the political scene in Washington, sharing what he has seen, heard and done along the way.

Also, read what Mann wrote about President Obama’s immigration executive order and Republicans’ response.

In his regular segment on what’s happening in Congress, Fellow John Hudak explains what Congress is doing now that the midterm elections are over. He focuses on the new confirmation environment for the president and also how congressional Republicans will react to Obama’s executive action on immigration.

Show notes:

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• Which Republican Party Won the Midterms?
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• 2014 Midterms: Why the Election Will Matter… and Why It Won’t
• Party Polarization and Campaign Finance
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