Prep for Brisbane G-20 Summit and Beyond with Think Tank 20 Report

The G-20 leaders’ summit is happening this weekend in Brisbane, Queensland. World leaders gather in the Australian city for the ninth such summit during which they will try to find ways to raise world GDP over the next five years. In a new Think Tank 20 report, “Growth, Convergence, and Income Distribution: The Road from the Brisbane G-20 Summit,” experts from Brookings and around the world address the key elements that are likely to shape policy debates beyond the Brisbane summit.

In their introduction, Global Economy and Development VP and Director Kemal Derviş and Senior Fellow Homi Kharas, deputy director of the program, discuss three, interrelated “big debates” for global leaders as they chart a path to stimulating global growth in a sustainable, inclusive way: 

  1. Economic growth;
  2. Income convergence (the diminishing gap between average incomes in lower- and middle-income emerging economies and that of advanced economies); and
  3. Income distribution.

The report also contains contributions from experts covering each G-20 member country as well as regional perspectives on Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Visit this interactive map to navigate to and download chapters on specific regions or countries.