New podcast episode features rise of right-wing populism in U.S. and Europe

The latest episode of Brookings’s newest podcast, Intersections, features a conversation between two scholars about the rise of right-wing populism in both the United States and Germany. “In my own country, Germany,” said Robert Bosch Senior Fellow Constanze Stelzenmüller, “the increasing amount of aggression and hate related to refugees, coming particularly from Eastern Germany, suggests that we underestimate the degree to which some people were taken along with reunification and globalization and some have felt stranded, not receiving some of the benefits of the last twenty or thirty years.”

Senior Fellow E.J. Dionne, Jr. remarked that “I locate the common roots of the rise of right-wing populism in globalization and technological change. You have a lot of people in Europe and the United States displaced, in the sense that they had decent standards of living and could count on that happening for their children … but that is in danger now.”

Listen to the conversation, hosted by Adrianna Pita, below:


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