Metros Don’t Shut Down: America’s Metropolitan Areas Move Forward Amid Government Shutdown

The federal government shutdown continues amid another day of brinksmanship and name calling. But outside Washington, D.C., metro leaders—public, civic and private—are continuing to move the economy forward.

In the spirit of yesterday’s Bruce Katz blog post here are a few more examples:

  • Greenways connecting Detroit’s RiverWalk with the Midtown area are under construction. The project is part of the $25 million Link Detroit effort, mostly funded by foundations (but including $10 million in federal grant money from a more efficacious time).
  • Maryland’s Life Sciences Advisory Board has a new crop of members. The group, established in 2007, works to keep the state’s life sciences industries competitive by supporting growing companies, access to capital and workforce development.
  • Finally, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has established a walk-up help desk for residents in City Hall. The desk serves as a “one-stop service center in City Hall where people can go for help solving any problem they may have,” the mayor said in a statement. There’s also a phone number.

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