Improving media capacity: How to reinvigorate the industry for the digital age

The media serves as a critical aspect of American democracy: holding elected officials accountable, asking tough questions of those in power, and gaining access to information that informs the public about its relationship with government. However, in a rapidly changing and transforming media landscape, journalists’ ability to provide that critical public service is constantly threatened—particularly at the local level.

In an effort to discuss the challenges facing media and the possible solutions to this serious problem, EJ Dionne is holding a conversation via Spreecast tomorrow at 3:00PM entitled, “Reinvigorating the media industry in the digital age.” The conversation will be interactive, allowing viewers to submit questions and engage on social media (using #FutureofNews).

Dionne will be joined by a panel of experts who study challenges to media and media capacity. Panelists include Tom Rosenstiel, Nonresident Senior Fellow at Brookings; Anne MacKinnon, journalist and adjunct professor at the University of Wyoming; and Nathan Pippenger, Ph.D. student at UC-Berkeley.

This panel launches as part of the Center for Effective Public Management’s ongoing series on FixGov entitled, “Improving media capacity.” The series includes content from a variety of journalists and scholars who consider many of the questions that will be discussed during Dionne’s online forum and ones that are critical to saving American media from its current challenges.

You can take part in the Spreecast here. We also encourage you to participate via social media using #FutureofNews and @BrookingsGov. Finally, additional content through FixGov’s “Improving media capacity” series can be found here.