Growth and the Future of Established Suburbs: Dealing with Transition in the 21st Century

October 25, 2006

Robert Puentes provides perspectives on the future of established suburbs at Braddock Tomorrow, a community dialogue on the growth and development in Fairfax County, VA, and specifically in the Braddock District, an area of nearly 100,000 residents in a county of over 1 million. This event is designed to bring together a range of diverse constituents, business leaders, and other local and regional policy makers to articulate a vision for the future of established suburbs in Fairfax.

In his presentation, Robert Puentes discusses emerging trends in metropolitan areas nationwide and how these trends are presenting new opportunities for older, established suburbs. However, he argues that while many suburbs are not equipped to respond to these changes, they must plan for a different future and rethink their attitudes toward several key issues: including density, design, and diversity.

In the end, he contends that the most successful suburbs are those that are remembering to strengthen their downtowns, protect established neighborhoods, revitalize their commercial corridors, preserve and connect green space, and cooperate with their municipal neighbors.

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