Charts of the week: Labor force participation, who would pay more taxes, where the robots are

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Who is out of the labor force?

In 2016, 16 million prime-age women and seven million prime-age men were not working or seeking work. In a new report, the Hamilton Project explores the reasons why so many prime working age adults are not in the workforce.


Cutting taxes and making future Americans pay for it

Experts from the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center examine three methods the Trump administration could use to fund proposed tax cuts and find that many middle and low-income American households could suffer the most.es_20170814_galefigure-1

Where America’s robots are

Automation, like many other economic trends, will not occur in the same way everywhere. In a post on The Avenue, Mark Muro charts the distribution of industrial robots across America.Map: Where the robots are

Allison Branca contributed to this post.