Can we end rural hunger and reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?

Homi Kharas and John McArthur discuss their Ending Rural Hunger project, designed to help the world achieve one important facet of the “No Hunger” Sustainable Development Goal.

“[P]robably about ¾ of the [food insecurity] problem that we’re dealing with globally is actually in rural areas,” Kharas says in this podcast.

McArthur explains, “I think the first thing to note is that the world is making progress. So roughly speaking, undernourishment as a share of the world is dropping by about 1 percent every three years.” Also in this episode, John Hudak gives his regular “What’s happening in Congress” update.


Show Notes:
Ending Rural Hunger (Report)

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15 Million Success Stories Under the Millennium Development Goals

I expect great outcomes from the Sustainable Development Goals

The promise and pitfalls of partnerships in tackling extreme poverty around the world

Dispatch from Italy: Ending Rural Hunger

United Nations: Sustainable Development Goals

A Note from Our Guests:

Homi and John are very grateful to the full team that contributed to the Ending Rural Hunger project. The report itself was prepared by a group in Brookings’s Global Economy and Development program, which also included: Geoffrey Gertz, Sinead Mowlds, and Lorenz Noe, assisted by Julie Biau, Soumya Chattopadhyay, Krista Rasmussen, and Madelyn Swift. The report design and interactive website were developed in collaboration with Data Act Lab, including: Alexandra Silfverstolpe, Daniel Lapidus, Mikael Göransson, Niklas Beinhoff, Martin Lindbratt, Tobias Strollo, and Arkadiusz Mytych.

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