Brookings Today, 2/26/15

A roundup of some of the content published today at Brookings.

  • The AUMF against ISIS. Benjamin Wittes testified to the House Armed Services Committee on the Obama administration’s draft Authorization for the Use of Military Force against the Islamic State.
  • Sex, contraception, or abortion? In a new paper and interactive, Richard Reeves and Joanna Venator explain why a poor woman is about five times as likely as an affluent woman to have an unintended birth.
  • Congress vs. the Fed. David Wessel comments on Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s recent appearance before the House Financial Services Committee.
  • Groundhog Day for school choice? Russ Whitehurst and Ellie Klein say that over the last 14 years, “the story of school choice in the nation’s largest districts has been one of change rather than repetition.”
  • Iran’s nuclear program. Robert Einhorn details three requirements to keep Iran from producing nuclear weapons.
  • Immigrants, skills, workers. Jill Wilson discusses the important role that immigrants play in the economy.
  • Don’t tighten AGOA conditionality. Witney Schneidman and Joshua Meltzer say AGOA needs to be renewed as soon as possible, but disagree with some that AGOA-eligibility should be conditioned on improving business environments in some countries.
  • Purposeful parenthood. Isabel Sawhill argues that “more and better education is one clear path to reducing unwed parenthood and the growth of single-parent families in the future.”