Brookings Today, 10/3/14

A roundup of some of the content published today by Brookings.

  • Trade clearly matters. In the latest Brookings Cafeteria podcast, Miriam Sapiro explains why trade is good for U.S. jobs, the economy, and the global system generally.
  • Is there a “way out” of the Hong Kong crisis? As protesters continue to demand change from their government, Richard Bush writes about ways both sides can compromise to find a way forward.
  • Employment rate surges in latest BLS report. Gary Burtless discusses why the latest jobs numbers indicate improvement in many areas of the labor market. However, he notes that wage growth is flat.
  • ISIS’s apocalyptic showdown in Syria. William McCants explores the apocalyptic ideology driving ISIS’s military strategy toward the town of Dabiq, Syria.
  • Will the U.S. flexing its muscles in the Middle East make things worse? In a recent debate, Mike Doran argued that the U.S. does have to use military force and build alliance to prevent larger interventions.
  • Will Turkey fight ISIS? Kemal Kirişci explores Turkey’s dilemma.

Charmaine Crutchfield contributed to this post.