Brookings Data Now: Young Adult Employment Rates Plummet

In this edition of Brookings Data Now: hundreds of thousands remain in Haitian camps; young adult employment dropping; health care app downloads increasing; teen child bearing decreasing; foreign investment in Africa increasing.


Employment rate of young adults, 20-24, in 2011

This is down from 72 percent in 2000. Employment for all workers under 55 dropped in the decade after 2000.


Number of people who remain in camps in Haiti

Four years after the massive earthquake that struck Haiti, about 147,000 internally displaced people remain in 271 camps.

247 million

Number of people who have downloaded a health care app in the U.S.

Over 40,000 mobile health applications are available now.


Decline in U.S. teen childbearing since 1991

The decline accelerated after 2008.

$67 billion

Foreign private capital investment in Africa in 2012

In 2002, this figure was $14 billion.