Brookings Data Now: Brazil’s Economy Is 7th Largest in World

In this “very large” edition of Brookings Data Now: Brazil’s very large economy; video’s very large portion of the Internet; the very large number of U.S. jobs created and destroyed in one year; the very large student loan debt amount; and Africa’s economic growth that is not producing very large (or any) gains in employment.


World rank of Brazil’s economy, in terms of GDP

Brazil’s GDP in terms of US$ is ahead of Italy’s, a G7 nation, and on a per-capita basis surpasses China’s, one of the other BRICS countries.


Amount of Internet traffic attributable to video streaming

And videos are not just about entertainment anymore; they now include education and health care.

13.4 million

Number of private sector jobs created or destroyed in each quarter of 2012

In this churn, only 600,000 net jobs were created each quarter of 2012.

$1.2 trillion

Outstanding U.S. student loan balance in 2013 (at least)

This amount exceeds any other type of household debt except mortgages.


Nigeria’s expected economic growth in 2014

Despite Nigeria’s growth outlook, and that of other parts of sub-Saharan Africa, it has failed to lead to job creation.