African Experts Discuss the Region’s Top Issues in 2013

Each year, the Africa Growth Initiative uses the occasion of the New Year to preview events and trends that are anticipated to shape Africa in the coming year. And this year’s Foresight Africa report— a collection of short briefs on what our scholars see are the major issues for Africa in 2013— seeks to continue this tradition.

In support of this year’s Foresight Africa, I recently interviewed scholars from five leading think tanks in Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, Nigeria and Uganda, asking them to identify the biggest challenges facing their respective countries in the year ahead, and how these issues will likely impact relations with the United States and the welfare of their citizens. Their responses touch on similar themes of governance, youth employment, and how economic growth can better support the continent’s broader development goals. 

We are interested to hear your thoughts on what you see as the top issues for Africa in 2013 as well as your feedback on our report. You can join the conversation on twitter using the hashtag #ForesightAfrica and please tune in to our live webcasted event on January 9, where we will delve into these issues with a group of leading Africanists. 

We look forward to hearing from you and, on behalf of the Africa Growth Initiative, happy New Year!

Anne W. Kamau


South Africa