BPEA | 1978 No. 2

A Wage-Increase Permit Plan to Stop Inflation

Abba P. Lerner
Abba P. Lerner Florida State University

1978, No. 2

I WANT TO DISCUSS not the sons of TIP but what is perhaps a grandson
towardw hich the TIP family is developing.I t is a wage-increasep ermit
plan (WIPP), about which I have written briefly in Challenge and Social
Research.1 Although I consider WIPP more logical, manageable, and
effective than any of the TIPs, I said in those articles that I would support
some folm of TIP that seemed more likely to be acceptable and implemented.
But the discussion at this conference has convinced me that the
objections to the various TIPs are much more serious than I had supposed,
that most of them would not apply to WIPP, and that it is not at
all clear that a TIP would indeed be more likely to be accepted. I have
also been thinking more about WIPP, developing it further, and becoming
more fond of it, so I want to restate it.