REUTERS/Mike Blake- A truck engine is tested for pollution exiting its exhaust pipe as California Air Resources field representatives (unseen) work a checkpoint set up to inspect heavy-duty trucks traveling near the Mexican-U.S. border in Otay Mesa, California September 10, 2013. California Highway Patrol and the Air Resources Board were inspecting trucks for compliance to California's air pollution laws.


Carbon taxes as commitment devices

April 14, 2015, Richard V. Reeves

Richard Reeves identifies policy commitment devices that could be deployed to reduce carbon emissions.

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    A focus on reducing emissions by all — which is contingent on developed country support on climate finance, adaptation and capacity building — can help establish a more holistic narrative tying together the myriad threads of the negotiations. As a medium-sized country, Peru can develop and drive forward this narrative and avoid polarizing debates between the North and South that undermine the talks.

    December 2, 2013, Timmons Roberts, ClimateWire
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    On the environmental objective, certainly we are concerned about greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels. But we argue that the best way to address that would be to put a price on carbon, for example through a carbon tax, rather than try to subsidize alternatives. [That]'s much less efficient. The way the [current] rules work, electric vehicle manufacturers can sell credits to other automakers toward their fuel economy standards, so that means that other automakers can sell more polluting cars for every electric car that's sold.

    February 23, 2013, Adele Morris, National Public Radio
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    There's going to be a demand for revenue, essentially, for the United States government to close its budget deficit over the coming years, and a carbon tax is one way where there's a possibility of taxing so-called bad CO2 emissions and off setting that with tax reductions on capital or income and this could have a positive effect of improving effiency and stimulating economic growth.

    November 30, 2012, Joshua Meltzer, Sky Business
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    We should reform the tax system, no question. We are going to need to move beyond the current set of tax instruments to raise the needed revenues—a VAT and or a carbon tax seem like the obvious ways to go.

    November 27, 2012, William G. Gale, New York Times