Financial support makes it possible for Brookings to advance its mission. In its engagement with funders, Brookings is guided by the following principles and policies that safeguard the trust and credibility of the institution’s scholarship and activities upon which stakeholders, including funders, have come to rely.

  • Financial Transparency

    Brookings is pleased to acknowledge the generosity of our supporters. Such transparency also upholds integrity in our activities. Since 1983, the institution has published information about its finances and a list of donors in an annual report. When activities like research or events are made possible by a specific funder, Brookings acknowledges their funding support in such report or event. Brookings will not grant anonymity to corporations, corporate foundations, or foreign or domestic government donors. Other requests for anonymity (e.g., from foundations and individuals) are evaluated on a case-by-case basis subject to the institution’s policies and applicable laws and disfavored due to considerations of transparency; a grant of anonymity does not in any way exempt such donors and gifts from review to ensure consistency with Brookings policies.

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  • Research Independence and Integrity

    As a matter of policy, Brookings accepts gifts only from donors who trust and value Brookings’s research expertise and do not seek to undermine or compromise scholars’ research and research activities. All potential sources and terms of support undergo an internal review process that aims to ensure our commitment to scholarly independence and our compliance with applicable laws and regulations regarding, among other things, lobbying, foreign agency, and disclosure. The institution does not accept support for proprietary research. Brookings’s scholars and researchers, as well as its Board of Trustees and its leadership, will protect and defend the independence of our scholars’ work, even if funders disagree with their findings or conclusions.

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  • Conflict of Interest and Disclosures

    Brookings has extensive conflict of interest policies, by which all employees and affiliates—both resident and nonresident—must abide. These policies set forth the institution’s guidelines and procedures for identifying, resolving, or managing real, potential, or perceived conflicts of interest that may arise.

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  • Guiding Principles for Foreign Funding

    Humankind’s biggest challenges are not limited by borders. Threats to democracy, equality, peace, and climate resilience span communities and the world. That’s why Brookings’s mission is to produce quality, independent analyses and ideas that help leaders address these and other matters at the local, national, and global levels.

    In support of that mission, Brookings accepts financial support from a diverse spectrum of funders, including individuals, organizations, and governments outside the United States. On the latter, Brookings’s aggregate funding from foreign governments today typically makes up less than 10 percent of the institution’s overall financial support. Brookings publicly discloses its donors each year in its Annual Report, and in addition to its overarching independence and integrity policies, has established principles pursuant to which it evaluates foreign funding. Prospective funding from outside the United States is subject to a review process to assess, among other things, the funder’s democratic status and track record of support for independent research, civil society, the rule of law, and respect for democracy and human rights. Foreign funders are required to acknowledge and agree to Brookings’s research independence principles, including its policy that bars the institution or its personnel from engaging in activities that would require registration under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

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  • Use of Brookings Brand

    Brookings will guard the appropriate use of our name, logo, and reputation. Funders may not use the Brookings Institution’s brand or visual identity without advance permission for each specific use. Contact the Office of Communications if you have any questions.