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Brookings donors join a vibrant network of individuals and organizations committed to making a positive impact. As supporters, they also receive exclusive opportunities to attend invitation events, participate in thought-provoking conversations with renowned scholars and experts, and gain firsthand insights into cutting-edge research. This unique access enables you to stay ahead of the curve, broaden your perspectives, and make informed decision s that drive meaningful change.

As a Brookings donor, you demonstrate your support for independent, nonpartisan research. Your contribution reinforces the importance of evidence-based policymaking, intellectual integrity, and the pursuit of solutions free from biases. Your financial support plays a crucial role in sustaining our mission and expanding the reach and impact of our work.

There are several ways you can join the Brookings community:

  • Annual Fund donors who support our mission receive regular updates from Brookings about the latest research and events.
  • Brookings Council and Robert S. Brookings Society donors are invited to exclusive programs featuring Brookings scholars and other experts to discuss the pressing issues of the day.
  • Program Leadership Councils are networks of business, civic, and philanthropic leaders that support each of the five Brookings research programs. Membership is by invitation only.
  • The Corporate Council brings together private sector leaders who are passionate about supporting rigorous, nonpartisan public policy research and impact. These donors join briefings and convenings focused on the national and global business environment.
  • The International Advisory Council is an invitation-only group of distinguished international business and community leaders who participate in exclusive briefings and convenings to help extend the institution’s outreach and relevance worldwide.

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Speakers at a Brookings event
The audience at a Brookings event
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Panelists speak at a Brookings event