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Geography of Jobs

Where jobs are concentrating and why it matters to cities and regions

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The relationship between place and economy is constantly evolving, and continually shaping the growth, development, and decay of our communities. Today, new ideas and innovations are fostering the creation of products and services that increase productivity and raise overall standards of living. But this digital revolution is also benefiting some industries, workers, and communities over others.

This report aims to help leaders and local stakeholders understand how the changing demands for place are shifting the concentration and dispersal of economic activity within 94 large metropolitan areas from 2004 to 2015—a period of dramatic urban and economic change.

The findings suggest a need for local leaders to embrace policies and investment strategies that advance more concentrated growth patterns, while also supporting transformative placemaking solutions that help such dense places become vibrant communities where businesses and workers thrive.



The distinctive characteristics of a metro area’s development pattern and economy animate its job density trends and shape its opportunities for transformative placemaking to benefit residents and businesses.

Interactive by Alec Friedhoff. Design by Alec Friedhoff and Luisa Zottis.

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