Robert Katzmann
Guest Author

Robert A. Katzmann

Former Chief Judge – Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals

Robert A. Katzmann was a visiting fellow in the Governance Studies program at The Brookings Institution, president of the Governance Institute, and professor of government and law at Georgetown University. A lawyer and political scientist, he had a wide range of practical experience in judicial-congressional relations, including service as a special counsel in a Supreme Court confirmation process, a member of a judicial selection screening committee, and director of a project on statutory communication between the branches. He also worked with the U.S. Judicial Conference Committee on the Judicial Branch and the Federal Judicial Center. He was the editor of The Law Firm and the Public Good (Brookings/Governance, 1995) and Judges and Legislators: Toward Institutional Comity (Brookings, 1988) and coeditor of Managing Appeals in Federal Courts (Federal Judicial Center, 1988).

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