Guest Author

Meghan Hussey

Inclusive Education Specialist, Center for Education – USAID

Meghan Hussey is an Inclusive Education Specialist at the USAID Center for Education. In her role, she focuses on increasing access to quality, inclusive education for all learners in all phases of educational programming of USAID. Prior to joining USAID, Meghan spent six years on the global youth and education and government relations teams at Special Olympics International. Meghan previously worked with local NGOs in East Africa, East Asia, and Eastern Europe on education and services for children and youth with disabilities. From 2012-2013, Meghan was a Fulbright fellow at Beijing Normal University Institute for Special Education, where she did research on education programs for autistic adolescents in China. Meghan holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an MSc. from Trinity College Dublin, where she was a Mitchell Scholar and conducted research on disability rights in South Africa.

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