Research Library and Archives

The Brookings Research Library and Archives is a vital hub of knowledge, offering Brookings scholars access to a diverse collection of resources and historical records that fuel cutting-edge research and informed policy discussions.

Brookings Research Library and Archives.

The Brookings Research Library and Archives is a treasure trove of knowledge and resources supporting cutting-edge research and informed policy discussions. It serves as a vital hub for Brookings scholars and researchers seeking a deeper understanding of local, national, and global societal challenges.

With a vast collection of print and digital resources, the Library offers access to thousands of books, research journals, and scholarly publications covering diverse topics such as economics, public policy, international relations, governance, and urban studies. The dedicated library research staff meticulously curates these resources to ensure their relevance and reliability.

Housed within the Library, the Brookings Archives is the repository for the historical records of the Institution. It contains administrative, legal, fiscal, and program records, as well as historically significant documents like the papers of Robert S. Brookings. This invaluable archive provides researchers with primary source materials that offer a unique window into the evolution of policy debates and global affairs.

Although the Research Library is not open to the public, the Brookings Archives may be accessed by outside researchers in consultation with the Archivist. To contact the Brookings Library and Archives, email us or call 202-797-6236.