Guest Author

Kate Gonzalez

Member, Global Youth Leadership Council – Special Olympics International

Kate is from California, USA, is 19 years old, and is working towards her Bachelor of Arts in Communications. She has been involved with Special Olympics for over 6 years, being co-president of her high school’s Unified club and Youth Ambassador for Special Olympics North America and now serves as Southern California’s Unified Generation Council member and a Global Messenger. Through her various roles, Kate has actively promoted the importance of Special Olympics’ Unified Champion Schools, highlighted the significance of participating in local Special Olympics events, and successfully led youth summit sessions. Kate found a passion for advocating for meaningful inclusion by discovering a sense of belonging in the accepting atmosphere that Special Olympics fosters. Kate is honored to be on the Global Youth Leadership Council to empower everyone’s voices, create more diverse environments, and promote the inclusion revolution globally. Kate is a leader of the Unified Generation because she is determined to take action in helping the world become more inclusive on every level, embracing one’s differences and building long-lasting friendships. 

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