Alan Berube

Interim Vice President and Director – Brookings Metro

Alan Berube is Interim Vice President and Director of Brookings Metro. In this capacity, he leads Brookings Metro in its mission to collaborate with local leaders to transform original research insights into policy and practical solutions that scale nationally, creating more prosperous, just, and resilient communities.

Berube is a nationally recognized expert on city and metropolitan economies. In his most recent role as Senior Fellow and Deputy Director at Brookings Metro, Berube coordinated and amplified the program’s diverse research activities, speaking frequently to audiences of urban leaders around the country. He has authored hundreds of Brookings publications on metropolitan economic and demographic trends, federal policies affecting families and communities, and the role of cities in the global economy. He has also led projects in partnership with local leaders in regions including Detroit, Indianapolis, Louisville, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Orlando, and Seattle, among others. Berube is co-author of the book Confronting Suburban Poverty in America (Brookings Press, 2013). Prior to joining Brookings in 2001, Berube was a policy advisor in the Office of Community Development Policy at the U.S. Treasury Department, and a researcher at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. He holds a master’s degree in public policy from the Georgetown Public Policy Institute, and a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Stanford University. In 2004, Berube served as an Atlantic Fellow in Public Policy at the UK Treasury, focusing on mixed-income housing policy.

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  • Areas of Expertise

    • Metropolitan demographics
    • Urban poverty
    • Suburban poverty
    • U.S. social policy
  • Past Positions

    • Senior Fellow and Deputy Director, Brookings Metro
    • Atlantic Fellow in Public Policy, U.K. Treasury
    • Policy Advisor, U.S. Treasury Department
    • Researcher, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
    • Consultant, Andersen Consulting
  • Education

    • M.P.P. Georgetown University, 1999
    • B.S., Stanford University, 1994
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