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Paolo Gentiloni, former prime minister of Italy, joins Brookings

January 17, 2019

Washington, D.C. — The Brookings Institution today announced that former prime minister of Italy, Paolo Gentiloni, has joined Brookings as a distinguished fellow in the Foreign Policy program. Through the affiliation, Gentiloni brings to the Institution significant experience as a statesman and a deep record of developing thoughtful policy solutions to address global challenges. As a distinguished fellow, he will engage in the foreign policy debate, contribute to the Institution’s global agenda—including on topics related to transatlantic relations, Europe, and the Mediterranean region—and strengthen its international networks and activities.

“We are deeply honored that Mr. Gentiloni has agreed to join us at the Brookings Institution,” said Brookings President John R. Allen. “With his many years of strong leadership and dedicated public service, the Brookings community will benefit immensely from Paolo’s wisdom and wealth of experience, and I know that he will only improve upon our efforts to grapple with some of the most pressing policy issues of our time.”

“Mr. Gentiloni will be an extraordinary asset to the Brookings Foreign Policy program, and he will greatly enhance the work of our scholars,” said Bruce Jones, vice president and director of Foreign Policy. “My colleagues at the Center on the United States and Europe and across the program eagerly look forward to working with him and gaining from his knowledge, perspective, and experience.”

Paolo Gentiloni is a professional journalist and one of the founding members of the Italian Democratic Party. He has been a member of the Italian parliament since 2001 and was chairman of the Broadcasting Services Watchdog Committee. Between 2006 and 2008 he served as minister for communications in Prime Minister Romano Prodi’s government. In 2014 he became Italian foreign minister in the government led by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. He was appointed as the 57th Prime Minister of Italy in December 2016, serving until June 1, 2018. In 2018 he was re-elected for a fifth term to the Chamber of Deputies and he is currently a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. His last book is La Sfida Impopulista (The Impopulist Challenge), Rizzoli, 2018.

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