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Past Event

Women, sexuality, and social change in China

Past Event

Women, sexuality, and social change in China

The era of market reform has created a burgeoning Chinese middle class that craves not only increased consumption of goods and the freedom of self-expression, but also liberty over sexual life. At the same time, women have strengthened their call for the rights and representation to accompany the responsibility of “holding up half the sky.” As a result of this aroused social consciousness, feminist thought in universities is widespread, diverse sexual lifestyles are being discussed publically, awareness of sexually-transmitted diseases is growing, and measures to protect women from domestic violence are being strengthened. While these trends point to an improved environment for women and LGBT individuals, much work remains to be done in the policy and legal arenas to challenge long-standing discrimination policies and to ensure that these groups receive protection under the law.


Please note these presentations contain frank discussions of sexuality and sexual health.

– Leta Hong Fincher, “Leftover Women

– Yuxin Pei, “Everyone does it but no one talks about it

– Wang Zheng, “On Anti-Sexual Harassment Activism

– Guo Xiaofei, “The Silent Change


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Opening remarks

Keynote address


Li Yinhe

Fellow, Institute of Sociology - Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Promoting public awareness of gender and sexuality issues


Yuxin Pei

Associate Professor - Sun Yat-sen University


Wang Zheng

Associate Professor - University of Michigan

Coffee break

Protecting the legal rights of women and LGBT populations


Guo Xiaofei

Associate Professor - China University of Political Science and Law

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