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UDI Expert Workshop #1: Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges Associated with Capturing UDIs in Claims

On October 15, 2012, the Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform at the Brookings Institution convened a diverse group of experts, including payers, providers, academics, medical device manufacturers, and other relevant stakeholders, for a productive discussion on capturing unique device identifiers (UDIs) in administrative health care claims.

Electronic health care claims data have increasingly played an important role in a range of activities related to drugs and other health care services, including active drug safety surveillance, evaluation of patterns of care and effectiveness, and identification of opportunities for improvements in the quality of care that patients receive. During the initial meeting of the UDI Implementation Work Group, participants emphasized that if UDIs were captured in claims, similar activities may become more feasible for medical devices. However, overcoming the technical and motivational challenges associated with incorporating UDIs into claims is not trivial. Broad stakeholder input will be required and this expert workshop was designed as an initial forum for discussion. Specifically, this workshop provided an opportunity for stakeholders to consider the potential benefits of capturing UDIs in claims, associated technical challenges, and appropriate policies to support consistent UDI reporting in claims.


Overview of Universal Product Number Pilot

Overview of Proposed UDI Rule

Welcome, Introduction, and Meeting Objectives

Panel I: Potential Benefits of Including UDI in Claims


Richard Platt

Professor and Chair, Department of Population Medicine - Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute

Panel II: Technical Steps Necessary to Create UDI Recording and Transmission Capabilities

Panel III: Appropriate Policies for Enabling Consistent UDI Recording


Paul D. Varosy

Department of Veterans Affairs Eastern Colorado Health System and University of Colorado Denver

Recap and Closing Remarks

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