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Past Event

The Sadie Collective annual research reception

Past Event

The Sadie Collective was formed in 2018 by a group of young Black women to address the dearth of Black women in economics, finance, data science and policy. The organization creates networking, educational, and mentoring opportunities for members so they can connect with and learn from each other and allies. 

Since 2019, the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy at Brookings has partnered with the Sadie Collective to host an annual research reception, highlighting the work of Black women from all stages of the pipeline, from undergraduate to graduate to job market to early career. On February 16, ahead of the Sadie Collective’s annual conference, six scholars presented their research on a variety of topics. Sadie Collective Executive Director Bola Olaniyan opened, followed by welcoming remarks from the Federal Reserve’s Lisa Cook . Hutchins Center director and Sadie Collective Advisory Council Member David Wessel moderated the research presentations. 

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Welcome remarks

Lisa D. Cook

Member - Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Presentation and Q&A: “For Us, By Us: Minority Angel Investors as disruptors bridging the gap”

Presentation and Q&A: “Floods and Firms: The Impact of Disasters on Regional Startup Dynamics”

Presentation and Q&A: “Barriers in Entrepreneurship for First-Generation College Students”

Presentation and Q&A: “Stimulus Garnishment and Consumption Outcomes”

Nishan Jones

Senior Research Assistant - Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Presentation and Q&A: “The Long-Term Effects of Redlining on Environmental Health”

Presentation and Q&A: “Expanding Access to Schooling in Nigeria: Impact on Marital Outcomes”

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