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The new dynamics of global energy and climate: A conversation with Exelon CEO Chris Crane

Past Event

The power industry sits at the center of the nation’s most important energy debates: the future role for natural gas, policies to further grid reliability, and transitions to lower carbon resources, among others. At the same time, it faces massive strategic challenges as it grapples with security vulnerabilities—from cyberattacks to new technologies—that could upend traditional business models.

On October 22, the Cross-Brookings Initiative on Energy and Climate hosted Exelon Corporation president and chief executive officer Chris Crane in a discussion facilitated by initiative Co-Chair David G. Victor. The pair discussed the future of electric power utilities and the role of nuclear, renewables, and energy storage in a lower carbon electricity future.

After the discussion, panelists took audience questions.




Chris Crane

President and CEO - Exelon Corporation

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