11:00 am EST - 12:15 pm EST

Past Event

The future of automation and the middle class

Tuesday, December 08, 2020

11:00 am - 12:15 pm EST

Online only

Automation and artificial intelligence are changing the nature of work in ways that raise concerns around opportunity and equity. As more routine tasks become fully automated, workers seeking high-earning positions will be expected to acquire highly specialized or non-automatable skills. While technological change likely will not eliminate work, the jobs may not, in number nor skill level, match the supply of low- and middle- income workers, potentially leading to displacement and work volatility.

On Tuesday, December 8, the Future of the Middle Class Initiative at Brookings hosted two moderated conversations about policy in an automated future. We considered the role and design of social insurance programs in maintaining living standards for workers and families affected by automation and explore how to foster social mobility and ensure equity of opportunity in the technology-driven economy. Following their discussion, each panel took questions from the audience.

Viewers submitted questions by emailing [email protected] or via Twitter using the hashta#AutomationPolicy.