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Sticking Together: The Israeli Experiment in Pluralism

Israel was founded in 1948 after the near-devastation of the Jewish people in the Holocaust. In a little more than fifty years of existence, the country has evolved into a significant economic and military power, but resented by its Arab neighbors in the volatile Middle East.

In Sticking Together: The Israeli Experiment in Pluralism, two public policy scholars-an Israeli and an American-examine the major challenges confronting Israel within its own borders. These challenges have emerged, in part, from the country’s experience with large-scale immigration. Like the United States, Canada, and Australia, Israel brought together people from all over the world to form a cohesive nation.

Sticking Together, a joint research study by Brookings and the Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel, examines the many challenges confronting Israel’s experience with pluralism. In the process, the authors draw lessons that might prove useful to the United States and other societies that struggle to accommodate the needs of highly diverse populations. At this Brookings discussion, the authors will elaborate on this idea and will invite audience participation.

Robert E. Litan is vice president and director of Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution, where he also holds the Cabot Family Chair in Economics. Yaakov Kop is director of the Center for Social Policy Studies in Jerusalem.


Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution; Columnist, Washington Post


Professor, George Washington University; Former Senior White House Adviser; author of numerous books

Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution; Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel and Assistant
Secretary of State

Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment Global Policy Program; Former INS Commissioner

Editor-in-Chief, Washington Monthly

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Amitai Etzioni

Professor of International Affairs, George Washington University

Doris Meissner

Senior Fellow - Migration Policy Institute

Former Commissioner of U.S. Immigration and Naturalization


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