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Innovative Technologies and Nonprescription Medications: Addressing Undertreated Diseases and Conditions through Technology Enabled Self-Care

On May 9, the Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform convened an expert workshop “Innovative Technologies and Nonprescription Medications: Addressing Undertreated Diseases and Conditions through Technology Enabled Self-Care.”

Recognizing the public health impact of undertreatment of common diseases and conditions, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is exploring how a regulatory expansion of the nonprescription drug class might increase access to important medications and treatments. This initiative is referred to as Nonprescription Safe Use Regulatory Expansion (NSURE).

At this meeting, a wide range of experts and stakeholders explored the use of technologies as a condition to the safe use of medications within a nonprescription setting, discussed perspectives on the role of technology to support the safe and effective use of nonprescription products, and explored the integration of innovative technologies into the health care delivery system.

This expert workshop was the second in a series of meetings that will explore the NSURE initiative. To explore previous discussion regarding the potential role of health care professionals as a condition of safe use within the NSURE paradigm, please visit our expert workshop, “Nonprescription Medications with Conditions of Safe Use as a Novel Solution for Undertreated Diseases or Conditions


Welcome, Introduction and Expert Workshop Objectives

Opening Remarks


Rachel Sherman

Principal, Drug and Biological Drug Products - Greenleaf Health LLC

Role of Technology in Facilitating the Safe and Effective Use of Nonprescription Drugs


R. William Soller

Executive Director and Health Sciences Clinical Professor of Pharmacy - Center for Consumer Self Care and University of California, San Francisco

Session I: Using Innovative Technologies as a Condition of Safe Use


David Schifkovitz

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Wellness Category and North America - GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare


Erin Oliver

Director, Regulatory Affairs - GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare

Session II: Perspectives on the Role of Technologies as a Condition of Safe Use


Edwin Hemwall

Vice President - Global R&D, Rx-to-OTC Switch and New Opportunity Evaluation, Merck Consumer Care


Mark Gelbert

Senior Vice President, Global R&D and Switch - Pfizer Consumer Healthcare


Doris Peter

Director, Health Ratings Center - Consumer Health Choices

Closing Remarks

Session III: Integrating Technologies as a Condition of Safe Use into Nonprescription Health Care Delivery Systems


James Owen

Associate Vice President, Practice and Science Affairs - American Pharmacists Association


Shelly Spiro

Executive Director - Pharmacy e-Health Information Technology Collaborative


Dan Luce

National Director, Pharmacy Affairs - Walgreens

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