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‘Emerging Africa’ – Talk by Dr. Kingsley Moghalu

Event summary by on Thursday, December 18, 2014

Brookings India hosted Dr. Kingsley Moghalu to give a talk on ‘Emerging Africa’.

Key Issues

  • The faltering of dictatorial regimes, the lessening and civil wars, and the need for more profitable places for global capital, has seen Africa emerge as the new frontier for global investment.
  • As the global economy shifts eastwards, Africa must capitalize on this movement by inviting investment, rapid industrialization and contribute significantly to value chains.
  • There are three fundamentals to Africa’s development: Globalization and integration into the world economy, Building technological capacity, and the need for a world view and a unique philosophy.
  • The relationship between India and Africa can be strengthened the common objective of tackling poverty and eliminating inequality.
  • Indian investment in health, education, IT, and the power sector could help both India and Africa in strengthening trade relations as well as build human capital in Africa.
  • The Indian government needs to support businesses investing in Africa in order to encourage more investment.

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