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A Statesman’s Forum with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas

On June 10, the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at Brookings hosted Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for an address on the current state of the Middle East peace process and U.S.-Palestinian relations. President Abbas’ Washington visit also included meetings with President Barack Obama and other administration officials. Presidents Abbas and Obama met at the White House on Wednesday, June 9, focusing on the Israel-Palestinian proximity talks and possible resumption of direct negotiations.

President Abbas has served as chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization since 2004 and as the president of the Palestinian National Authority since January 2005. From March to October 2003, Abbas served as the Palestinian Authority’s first prime minister under President Yassir Arafat. Abbas oversaw the Oslo peace negotiations and signed the Oslo Accords on behalf of the PLO in September 1993. Since then he has played a leadership role in all of the peace negotiations with Israel.

After the program, President Abbas took audience questions.


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