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A Post-Election Analysis: Victories, Losses and What Lies Ahead

The midterm elections are widely predicted to bring substantial change to the House of Representatives, where polls show a possible Democratic takeover and the election of the first woman Speaker. In the Senate, where Majority Leader Bill Frist is retiring, the chamber will have a new leader even if Republicans maintain their majority. And in state elections across the country, new governors and new ballot initiatives will reshape races in 36 states in which four-fifths of Americans reside.

To analyze the election results and discuss the impact on U.S. domestic and foreign policy, Brookings held a panel discussion on November 10 at the National Press Club. Participants included Ron Haskins, co-director of the Center on Children and Families and a former congressional staffer on the Ways and Mean Committee; Amy Liu, deputy director of the Metropolitan Policy Program; and Susan Rice, senior fellow and former Assistant Secretary of State. Noted congressional expert and senior fellow Thomas Mann moderated the discussion.




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