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Why Brookings

At a time when leaders in business and government seem to lurch from crisis to crisis, Brookings experts help find practical, enduring solutions to the many public policy challenges simmering—or boiling over—across the world. With global events unfolding at remarkable speed amid a seemingly intractable political stalemate at home, the sound thinking and empirical approach that Brookings experts bring to the table are more important—and more sought after—than ever. Bringing our work to key audiences—from Washington and Brussels to Beijing and New Delhi, from newsrooms and boardrooms to statehouses and city halls—is an essential part of our focus on impact. Achieving this impact in the face of so much noise takes significant resources—resources that we rely on our donors to provide.

Generous people who share our commitment to quality, independence, and impact in public policy research and analysis support Brookings with financial contributions and intellectual engagement.

Donors invest in Brookings with both general support and project-specific gifts that help us react nimbly to breaking events and confront urgent challenges, from the domestic and global economies to foreign affairs to the health of America’s cities and metropolitan areas.

The Brookings Institution is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all contributions are fully deductible within the limits of the law.

Get Involved

Getting involved with the Brookings Council is a great way to take advantage of frequent opportunities to engage with Brookings experts. With invitations to private events in Washington, New York, and other cities, Council members engage in substantive exchanges with Brookings experts and each other in a variety of settings—from small, salon-style events to more expansive conversations. Throughout the year, members receive complimentary publications by Brookings scholars and periodic special communications from Brookings leadership. The Brookings Council is our core group of donors, providing the crucial unrestricted support that makes our research, events, and publications possible.

The Robert S. Brookings Society provides a forum for young professionals and emerging leaders to engage with top experts from the Brookings Institution on the most critical public policy questions facing decisionmakers in the U.S. and around the world. Among the privileges available to Brookings Society members are opportunities to get a first look at Brookings research and analysis and invitations to exclusive Society events that offer the opportunity for rich intellectual exchanges with Brookings scholars and a network of peers. Coupled with interactions with the Brookings Council, their involvement with Brookings gives them a solid grounding in policy issues and their solutions.

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