The Brookings radio and television studios are open 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily for live and pre-taped news interviews with Brookings scholars.

To book our studios, or for technical questions, please contact:

Phone: 202-797-6262
Email: [email protected]

Please call the Brookings Studio to book time in the studio for a scholar interview.  If we are busy conducting another interview, please leave a message with the following information and we will return the call as soon as possible:

  1. Date of interview (month and day)
  2. Time of interview and window for transmission or crew in studio (in Eastern Time)
  3. Is the interview live or pre-tape or will a crew record the interview?
  4. Scholar name
  5. News agency name
  6. News agency contact name and phone number

Television Studio

16’x20’ space is used for both taped and live television interviews.  Brookings technicians operate the studio for live and pre-taped feeds or news outlets are welcome to send their own camera crews to record interviews.  Additionally, the studio is configured to video record scholar interviews and send the video file to news outlets.  The TV Studio includes a broadcast lighting grid with dimmer control and multiple backgrounds: including a back-lit “Brookings” plexi-glass panel, bookcase set, black cyclorama curtain and other set pieces.

Television Transmission Paths

  • Verizon AVOC (Wash DC hub) HD-SDI Fiber Circuit
  • DCI (Diversified Communications Inc. in Wash DC) HD-SDI Fiber Circuit
  • Skype

Brookings studio

Radio Studio

Utilizes our custom sound booth for live and pre-taped radio interviews with up to two scholars via ISDN and IP codecs.  Additionally, the studio is configured to accommodate phone interviews to record the scholar’s audio and send the file to news outlets.  The Radio Studio and adjoining control room can also function as second television ‘insert’ studio for live television news interviews. This gives Brookings the capability of accommodating simultaneous television interviews during busy breaking news days.

Radio Transmission Paths

  • ISDN Codecs – L2Mono128, L2, G.722
  • IP Codecs – Comrex Access, Tieline Merlin, Telos Z/IP One
  • Skype
  • Phone line