Towards the Goal of Full Employment

Trends, Obstacles and Policies

Peter Richards
Release Date: September 1, 2002

This insightful study provides an excellent overview of the current global employment situation, and examines the effectiveness of existing policies in today’s economic climate. It presents employment realistically as a complex issue, and helps readers to see it not just in terms of income and economic growth, but also as highly dependent on national circumstances and institutions.

Throughout the volume, special emphasis is placed on issues of employment equality-such as freedom of association and workers’ participation, and nondiscrimination and equal opportunity. In particular, the study demonstrates how ILO standards and recommendations, which effectively set the parameters for national employment strategies, can help improve the world employment situation by encouraging a comprehensive approach to policy issues. In a section concentrating on developing countries, the book reviews determinants of growth, labor demand, and poverty alleviation. It also includes critiques of certain policies and discusses the ILO’s contribution to ensuring socially acceptable outcomes of the economic growth process.

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