The Last President of Europe


The Last President of Europe: Emmanuel Macron’s Race to Revive France and Save the World

William Drozdiak
Release Date: April 28, 2020

A veteran foreign correspondent with unique access to Emmanuel Macron delivers the inside story of his turbulent presidency, designed to fight the rise of populist nationalism and hold the European project together, in the face of daunting opposition in France and abroad.

When Emmanuel Macron won the presidency of France he was a political novice with a brand new party who had swept all traditional political forces aside. He quickly emerged as the strongest voice on behalf of the EU, especially once Angela Merkel announced her forthcoming retirement as Chancellor of Germany, and became a domestic radical, facing down the unions, imposing reforms and bracing France to become globally competitive.

In The Last President of Europe, William Drozdiak delivers the inside story of the daunting challenges Macron has faced as the last staunch defender of Europe — including Trump’s attacks on NATO and the international order, Merkel’s weakness, Italy’s government of nihilists and satirists, the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) protesters, the resurgence of anti- Semitism, and the endless turmoil of Brexit. His success or failure will determine the fate of a continent and the world at large, and Drozdiak brings the drama of these consequential times vividly and compellingly to life.

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