Social Security Pensions

Development and Reform

Clive Bailey, Colin Gillion, Denis Latulippe, John Turner
Release Date: May 1, 2000

This is a valuable reference for anyone concerned with reforming or establishing pension programs and for those looking to understand the practicalities and structure behind various pension schemes. By providing a balanced assessment and factual review of what various countries around the world have done, this book assists decision-makers in forming effective, viable pension policy. Discussing not only the current situation in pension schemes, the book also considers the analytical, social, and economic consequences which arise from different pension structures. In what sometimes is a heated debate, this study avoids taking sides, but instead illustrates what has worked and not worked in the various countries covered. It examines the practicalities of running a pension scheme and provides numerous examples, summaries and quantitative information. It examines administrative regulations and procedures used to collect contributions, to pay pensions, to invest reserves and to set various formulae which determine contributor and benefit rates. Social Security Pensions also offers a helpful glossary of terms, as well as numerous tables and figures for easy reference.